Annette Sabater has always had the soul of an artist. Originally from the Seattle area, she received a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and Minor in Art from University of Puget Sound. Following graduation in 1984, she lived in Minneapolis working as a physical therapist for three years before returning to the Northwest in 1987. There she continued her career as a pediatric physical therapist. She traveled throughout Europe and served as a volunteer for two weeks in Romanian orphanages. Her artist’s tools were never far away as she processed these various experiences. She met her husband and became a step mother for his two sons, later giving birth to a son who is now her daughter. These life experiences have inspired her to apply her creative skills in writing and art to share with others. She believes strongly that the arts can help educate the public and bring forth truth in a creative format. Artists can use their skills to bring together various groups who share complementary missions, thus showing community accord for the public to experience. Art is an opening to the soul; a space where connections are made to bring people together. She resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband.