Artist Statement

Annette Sabater, Artist

Bachelor in Physical Therapy 1984
Minor in Art 1984

Artist Statement:

I have created art most of my life although not as a professional artist.  I reentered the art community by taking classes at The Drawing Studio with Phil Sylvester as my teacher.  It was here I rekindled my drawing and painting skills in portrait and figurative work.  I completed four art classes with him and joined a figure drawing group that met monthly in his classroom space.

My art work was further enhanced by participating in two group art shows and being a member with the artists at the Talisman Art Gallery.  During this time, I joined an art critique group with five other artists.  I have been meeting monthly with them for approximately five years.

My passion and inspiration to complete my most recent project, An Iris Stands Tall, defined my creative life in fine art and writing for three years.  During this time, I explored the emotional aspects of parenting and family life and have completed an art exhibit that not only expands my artistic skills but also provides a strong statement in support of my daughter and others who share the transgender spirit.

I am now free to move on in my art work.  I look forward to exhibiting An Iris Stands Tall in new venues while seeking new themes and inspiration for future work.


An Iris Stands Tall: a mother’s journey, a daughter’s transition
Multnomah Arts Center Gallery, March 2-April 3, 2018

An Iris Stands Tall: a mother’s journey, a daughter’s transition
Cerimon House, Portland Oregon 2017

Diocese of Oregon Art Show, Trinity Episcopal Church
Portland Oregon  2016

Talisman Gallery, Group Show
Portland Oregon 2013

Eclectic Group Art Show
Portland Oregon 2011